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Personal Chef

If you want the exquisite culinary experience of a Gourmet Chef in your home, our Personal Chef services are for you.  After we draw up a customized menu, we do the shopping and prepare and serve your dishes on site.   We can also deliver ready-to-eat meals to you if you prefer.


Personal Chef services are offered as a one time event or on an on-going schedule.

Personalized Diets

There is no sacrificing flavor and quality for you or your guests on specialized diets.  Whether they're Gluten Free, Ayurvedic, Low Sodium, etc., they will enjoy a tasty flavorful menu that accomodates their restrictions.

Special Events

The Specialty of the House!  For the highest quality foods, presented in the unique Sisters in Pink charm and style, you must cater your next event with us.  


Have a look at what our clients have to say and then give us a call and experience it for yourself. 


Cooking Classes

Share quality time together with your kids learning how to cook healthy choices  for a healty lifestyle.

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